Frequently Asked Questions and some Helpful Removal Tips for an Easy Move


How do I get the quote?

The quote depends on the distance you are moving and the amount of the household stuff you have. 

This information could be supplied in three ways:

E-mail it to us using an inventory form, which you can download by following the link

Instant Quote online within few minutes use our online calculator tool

Arrange for someone to visit your property and give you the quote in person

Packing materials:

Do you provide packaging materials?

Yes, we do. We will charge you for the cost of the packaging materials and will refund this amount when we collect our boxes back; or you can purchase the packaging materials from our on-line shop and keep them.

When do I get my packing materials?

As soon as you have your moving date. You can book for your packing materials to be delivered.

Do I have to return the boxes?

Yes, when you unpack the boxes, we will collect them and will refund the deposit you've paid to borrow them.

Do you provide packing service?

Yes, we do provide a Full packing service for the additional charge. Normally we do the packing service day or two days in advance before the completion. 

Before I move:


Do I have to sign the Contract?

Yes, you do. 

You can download removal contract by following the link.

What are your Terms and Conditions?

You can download our Terms and Conditions by following the link.....

Should I pay the deposit?

No, you don't have to pay the deposit. 

But you can if you wish to do so.

Do I have to buy an Insurance?

No. Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurances are already included in our quotes. But if you wish to purchase an additional cover for the specific item we can arrange this for you.

Do you have storage facilities?

Yes, we do have recommended local  storage facilities.

Moving day :


What happens on the moving date?

Our team arrives on the agreed time (usually 9 am) and do the pre-moving assessment following your requirements. 

What is included in the removal service?

  • manpower
  • removal vehicle(s)
  • protecting the furniture
  • disassembling and assembling service 
  • un-plumbing and plumbing appliances 

How do you protect my furniture?

We use stretch film to protect all soft furniture, and cardboard to protect the wooden and glass surfaces. 

Do I have to disassemble my furniture?

This is entirely up to you. 

You can do it yourself or we can do it for you on the moving day. 

Can you pack the fragile items only?

Yes, we can pack the fragile stuff for the additional charge.

Can I leave my chests of drawers full?

Yes, you can leave the drawers full as long as they are reasonable size and are strong enough to support their own weight.

Will you empty my property by 1 pm?

Yes, we will empty your property by 1pm. For the larger properties we do all the preparations one day before.

Payment and Feedback:


When should I pay for the removals?

We take the payment on the removal day after the move is complete.

How do I pay?

You can:

  • pay in cash
  • do a bank transfer
  • pay with your card
  • write a cheque

How can I leave the feedback?

You can leave your feedback on our Facebook page

Changing Address

You will need to notify  your TV Licensing, Banks, Solicitors, Insurances and Utility Providers. It is recommended to give them at least 48 hours notice prior to your move. You will also need to notify DVLA, Dentists  &  Doctors  and BT or mobile telephone providers.

Notify your local Council in your current area and also the Council in the area you are moving to, so they can arrange your new council tax rates. Please visit Valuation Office Agency for more information.

Also remember to re-direct your mail, you can arrange this service at the Post Office or on their web site. They require seven days notice.


It can be an exciting day for the children, yet can become more stressful for you. Try and keep them busy and happy during the whole removal day. Pack their favourite toys/books into one clearly marked box for an easy access.

Documents and Valuables

Make sure you have your documents, personal belongings and valuables in the safe place with you on the removal day.

Mobile Phones

Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged on the removal day, so you can stay in touch with the removal team to ensure that your moving runs quickly and efficiently.


Don’t forget to empty and defrost your Fridges/Freezers. Put your food into plastic bags on the moving day.


Always check if there are any parking restrictions at your current or new address to save time and arrange parking permits for the removal vans. They usually require at least 10 working days notice.


Start your packing as soon as possible and finish one day before your move the latest. It is always advised to mark your boxes with room directions (eg. bedroom 1,2, 3, etc) and mark if the content is fragile.