Moving Home with Pets – Our Top Tips

Moving Home with Pets – Our Top Tips

Moving home can be stressful at the best of times, so bringing pets into the mix can make things very challenging. Luckily, we’ve put together some top tips for you, to ensure you pets adjust to the move seamlessly and happily as possible.

Settle Your Pet for Moving Day

If possible, ask a friend or relative to look after your pet on moving day. This will keep your pet out of the way while you manage the move, freeing you up to manage everything while being safe in the knowledge that they are in safe hands. Try to keep your pet in a quiet room away from any loud noises caused by moving furniture/boxes etc, and make sure they have plenty of familiar items such as their blanket and toys, as well as plenty of food and water.

Pack Your Pet’s Things Last

Keep your pet’s belongings on hand for as long as you can, and only pack them once everything else is sorted. Once you get to your new home, get these out first and make sure your pet is as comfortable as possible while they get used to their new home. Try not to wash their blankets and bedding for a couple of weeks, so they have something that smells familiar while they are settling in.

Update Their ID Tag or Microchip

If your pet has a tag or microchip fitted, make sure they are updated with your new address and contact details. There’s an increased chance that your pet will go missing during the first few weeks of moving home, so it’s really important to ensure they can easily be returned should they get out.

Spend Extra Time Settling Them In

Many pets don’t adjust to a new home straight away, and it can take time before they are fully settled. Whenever possible, try to spend some extra time with your pet to reassure them, and make them as comfortable as possible. Try not to leave them on their own for too long, and perhaps give them an extra treat or two if you think that will help.

Keep Your Existing Walking/Feeding Routine

Most pets are creatures of habit, so as much as possible, try to keep to your existing routines, right from day one. If you normally walk your pet in the evening, try to do this, even on move day – if you find you don’t have time, ask a friend or relative to see if they can help. The same goes with feeding – try to keep the same feeding time, or as close as you can.

Check Your Garden and Surroundings

Before you let your pet loose in the garden, make sure you have thoroughly checked your new garden and surroundings to ensure they can’t get out, and that there’s nothing hazardous present. Make sure you walk around and check all the fencing for gaps or loose posts, and when you do finally let them out, take them around yourself so you can reassure them about the new area.

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